“Tree of Life” Grows on Salt Island in the Middle of the Dead Sea ‎

Nestled in the heart of the Dead Sea, a place renowned for its barrenness and extreme salinity, lies an unexpected sight – the Tree of Life. This remarkable tree seemingly grows out of a pristine white salt island, defying the odds and capturing the imagination of visitors to Ein Bokek beach.

The Dead Sea, with its salt concentration exceeding ten times that of the ocean, is famously devoid of any plant or animal life. So, how does a tree thrive in such a harsh environment, let alone on an island made entirely of salt? The Dead Sea Salt Island, situated within swimming distance of Ein Bokek beach, is a surreal natural formation surrounded by turquoise waters. At its center lies a shallow pool of inviting water, with the improbable sight of a tree standing tall against all odds.

Despite its incongruous presence, the tree of the Dead Sea has not garnered as much attention on social media as one might expect. Witnessing life flourish in a place known for its lifelessness is a surreal experience. However, closer inspection reveals that the tree’s existence is not as natural as it appears.

Upon examining the tree, one can observe buds on its branches and roots stretching into the salty crust of the island. Yet, the tree did not sprout and grow there spontaneously. Rather, it was planted by a local artist as an original art installation. The artist tends to the tree daily, ensuring its survival by providing it with mud to nourish its roots in the harsh environment.

The Dead Sea itself is in decline, with its shoreline receding every year. Perhaps the “Tree of Life” serves as a poignant metaphor for this environmental degradation, or maybe its presence symbolizes hope amidst desolation. Regardless of its meaning, the tree exists as a captivating spectacle and a popular backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos.

For those fortunate enough to visit the Dead Sea, a stop at Ein Bokek to admire the Tree of Life and its unique island setting is highly recommended.

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