Touched! The puppy walked up to the homeless man and gave him a loving hug.

The dog appears to be the man’s best buddy, either through daily contacts or when he unexpectedly appears and greets him in difficult situations.

The poignant scene demonstrates how animals have sensitivity that people frequently lack.
There are innumerable videos on the internet of animals displaying empathic behaviors, but this particular Labrador puppy stole the show.
In these pictures, we can see that dogs have another attribute besides being amazing pets, friends, and security providers: they don’t care about the problems and stereotypes that humans have against them.

In the middle of the sidewalk, a dog embraces a homeless person. The video is shown on a crowded sidewalk in an unidentified city. In the images that circulated online, we can see a man sitting on the pavement who is thought to be because of his attire and long hair. The animal moves cautiously toward the subject and appears interested in the man’s condition. The dog approaches the man after briefly sitting in front of him and places his body on his lap in an apparent “hug” between the two.

When the animal is held in his arms, the man’s demeanor quickly changes. Whereas earlier he had only displayed fаtue and apathy, the stranger now appears to smile, give the animal a hearty hug, and repeatedly stroke it.

A dog had the decision to do something different as several people crossed the city center while disregarding this man and so many other people who were having trouble. The puppy this man had never seen reminded him that someone had seen him and that there were still things to grin about, like the joy of being able to cuddle a dog, even though he may have felt entirely alone and invisible to others.

The dog hugged the man as if to reassure him that whatever was troubling him would soon pass and he would have more occasions to grin naturally in the future.

According to the Metrópoles newspaper, the original video was shared hundreds of times on social media and viewed by more than 7 million people. There were undoubtedly many people who were unaffected by the dog’s empathy in this viral. He was in the right place at the right time, demonstrating some consideration for a potential homeless person and a group of excluded and often undervalued individuals.

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