The Unstoppable Mother: Nurturing Against All Odds

In a world filled with inspiring stories of resilience and determination, Dejana Backo’s journey stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of motherhood. Born without limbs, Dejana has never allowed her physical condition to hinder her pursuit of happiness and motherhood.

Just four months ago, the 28-year-old and her partner, Marko Nezic, 24, celebrated the arrival of their baby daughter, Lara, into their lives. Their joy knows no bounds. Despite her physical limitations, Dejana has chosen to share her candid experiences as a mother on TikTok under the handle @marko_dejana. Her videos have garnered millions of views, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs she faces daily.

Dejana’s journey as a mother hasn’t been without its share of difficulties. She longed to pick up her baby by herself in the beginning but found it impossible due to her lack of arms. However, as Lara turned four months old, Dejana began to adapt to her unique situation. She developed innovative ways to perform everyday tasks, such as picking Lara up from her crib and placing her in chairs. Lara’s growing strength and neck support have made these tasks easier for Dejana.

With no arms, Dejana has had to find alternative methods for activities most parents take for granted, such as feeding and dressing their child. She skillfully uses her feet to prepare bottles and to lift Lara out of her crib, an activity she initially considered her “biggest fear.” Through her TikTok videos, Dejana inspires others not to limit themselves, proving that parenthood knows no bounds.

In one of her remarkable videos, Dejana demonstrates how she places Lara into a baby carrier solely using her feet, emphasizing her determination to learn everything necessary to care for her daughter. Dejana also utilizes her chin and mouth to open items and makes use of her fingers and hands in surprising ways. In one awe-inspiring moment, she is seen carrying Lara’s stroller up a flight of stairs with the help of Marko.

As a “superhero” mom, Dejana can even change Lara’s diapers using only her feet and toes, showcasing her remarkable adaptability. While she still requires assistance from her husband to feed Lara by positioning her on a pillow between her legs, Dejana emphasizes that she can accomplish many tasks independently, even if they may take a bit longer.

There are certain aspects of daily life that the family has adapted to for the sake of convenience, such as avoiding cooking and opting to dine out in restaurants or at others’ kitchens. They have also enlisted the help of a lady who assists them for two hours a day, particularly in the evenings, which alleviates some of the parenting responsibilities.

Before embracing motherhood, Dejana was already a TikTok sensation in Serbia, known for her remarkable dance videos created using her feet. Despite the challenges, she and Marko have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt messages and support from people around the world who have hailed her as a “superwoman.” Dejana, however, remains humble, insisting that their life is simply “normal” and that they are not “doing anything special.”

The impact of Dejana’s story has extended to social media users who have been deeply moved by her videos, with many, including fellow parents, expressing their admiration in the comments. They recognize the indomitable spirit of a mother who continues to inspire and uplift others through her everyday life and extraordinary journey.

In the words of one supporter, “You are the definition of a superhero. This is beautiful and wonderful.” Dejana’s story reminds us all that motherhood, rooted in love and determination, knows no boundaries.

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