King of the Road: Prince Charles Tries a Harley Davidson on for Size

Prince Charles, more accustomed to chauffeur-driven limousines, recently took a surprising detour into the world of motorcycling. As part of London Poppy Day, the Prince of Wales hopped on a Harley Davidson and mingled with bikers from the Royal British Legion Riders Club at St James’s Palace.

An Unexpected Ride

Dressed in his usual suit and brogues, Prince Charles gamely straddled the impressive bike, promoting the Poppy Appeal alongside celebrity supporters and dedicated volunteers. The sight of the Prince on a Harley Davidson was a highlight of the event, showcasing his willingness to embrace new experiences for a good cause.

A Cheeky Encounter

Among the bikers, one individual sported a leather waistcoat adorned with various badges, including a rather rude one that read: “F*** off I don’t like you.” It’s unclear if Prince Charles noticed the message, but the biker’s bold fashion statement certainly added a touch of rebellious spirit to the occasion.

Subtle: The man had the message - highlighted above with expletive obscured by MailOnline - sewn into the back of his waistcoat and it appeared Prince Charles didn't notice

Promoting the Poppy Appeal

Prince Charles shook hands with the bikers and interacted with Poppy Appeal volunteers and celebrity supporters. He also greeted those raising money aboard the London Poppy Day red bus at Clarence House, contributing to the campaign’s goal of raising £1 million in a single day across the capital.

TV presenter and Poppy Day ambassador Ben Shephard shared a lighthearted moment with the Prince, joking about driving off with him on the bus to boost donations. Charles also joked about a sing-along on the bus and trying out the Harley Davidson.

Prince Charles met ambassadors and collectors on board the London Poppy Day red bus and also members of The Royal British Legion Riders Branch

Inside Clarence House

Inside Clarence House, Prince Charles met with volunteers in the Poppy Day counting room, where donations are quickly tallied by machines. Richard Atkinson, a volunteer counter, noted that Charles was keen to understand how the money-counting process worked and inquired about the volunteers’ day jobs.

Aiming for a Record

This year, the Poppy Appeal aims to raise £42 million, surpassing last year’s record of £40 million. The funds will support immediate and lifelong care for armed forces families in need. Volunteers from the Army, Navy, RAF, and various companies are working tirelessly to achieve this ambitious goal.

All aboard: Prince Charles poses for a picture on red London bus taken over by the Royal British Legion for the campaign

Poppy Day Events

London Poppy Day events kicked off at Covent Garden piazza, with the London Poppy Day Routemaster touring the capital. Fundraising efforts by 2,000 volunteers were accompanied by military bands performing at various locations. The Military Wives Choir also lent their voices, performing at St Paul’s and Covent Garden, while a team of Royal Marines abseiled down Broadgate Tower.

Prince Charles’ engagement with the Poppy Appeal, from hopping on a Harley to meeting dedicated volunteers, exemplifies his commitment to supporting the armed forces and their families. His participation brought attention and a touch of royal flair to the important cause, helping to drive the Poppy Appeal towards its ambitious fundraising target.

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