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We frequently discuss the connection and attachment between mother and child and how crucial it is for both parties’ mental health as well as their social and emotional development. How about the relationship between the father and the child? According to research, it has an equal or even higher impact on the future development of the child and the involvement of the father.

The Importance of a Daddy/baby bond
Pregnancy is seen as the period before fatherhood. A recent study found that a father’s love and commitment to his spouse and unborn child during this vital time before becoming a father can have a significant effect and set him on a trajectory of expanding his involvement with the child in the years to come. According to this study, males who actively participate in pregnancy also have a tendency to work harder and assume more parental obligations once their children get older. This has a disproportionately negative impact on low-income fathers.

It is crucial to understand that a baby’s relationship with the father has incredible long-term effects on their social and emotional development as well as their intellectual abilities. We now understand that a baby’s early social experiences strongly impact their future intellectual and language abilities. In several studies, dads’ interactions with their kids have been found to be more accurate predictors of these outcomes than mothers’ interactions.

Babies do better on language, literacy, and academic tests in preschool and elementary school the more time their father spends with them! Mommies who multitask at the same time as daddies play with the baby tend to assume that this is why dads tend to offer the infant their undivided attention. Whatever the reason, the research is astounding and a great justification for keeping daddy as involved in the baby’s early care and interactions as possible.

Let’s see Dad and baby, the combination of silly and funny in the awesome video below.

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